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Training Philosophy

It’s my philosophy to set goals and to achieve results in every aspect and to have multiple forms of progression for my clients. Becoming the best version of yourself can take a lifetime of commitment and training is no different. Training takes our minds and bodies to places we didn’t think we were capable of reaching. Resilience, dedication, commitment and consistency are my core values, which I take pride in— as a trainer— passing these traits on to my clients. “Dedication has no limitation”, and that’s what I strive to pass on to my clients. I give them my word that I will dedicate all I have in order to achieve their goals. The onus is on me to ensure the goals they have will be achieved and surpassed. I will never give up or stop persisting with each client even after our goals are achieved. Improvement can always be made, and, through that, greatness is attainable for anyone who strives towards their goals. That is exactly what I intend on every single time I work with a client.

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About Cody

Cody Gonek entered the gym for the first time at 17 years old weighing 285lbs at 34% body fat and standing 6 feet tall. With no direction or guidance in health and fitness, Cody began his journey. This journey has taken his life in a direction that brought out his true passion; the ability to help change clients lives.

I truly love helping my clients unlock the greatness they have and are not aware of or unaware of how to reach it as this was the case for me when I started my fitness journey. I invest myself in every single one of my clients, current or past. In addition to their efforts, I personally always look to better myself whether it be attaining more knowledge through courses— locally or nationwide—or collaborating with other fitness professionals in our community to provide the best training possible. It is my duty to improve in areas we are able to and to never stop putting forth the best plan for each individual that trusts me with their fitness goals and see them through till they reach them.

The Journey

From an overweight kid to creating an obsession with fitness, Cody now owns an operates a private training facility here in Edmonton, The Vault. The journey thats led myself to pursuing my dream of helping others while also creating an atmosphere that other trainers and clients can do the same is why I do what I love every single day.


Cody has vastly expanded his knowledge and passion for health, fitness and nutrition for his clients, and their lifestyle. He not only looks pot further expand his knowledge with courses but brings highly sought after professionals in the industry to his gym for all trainers in the area to learn from.

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