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Personal Training

Gonek Fitness offers personalized training in many different forms.

Whether its 1-on-1 or partner training; Gonek Fitness can provide you with the proper training regimen, nutritional plan, and personalized goal setting. No matter your fitness level, gym experience, age, gender or race, at Gonek Fitness you'll be provided with an environment that only produce's results for any goal no matter how small or big. Gonek Fitness allows real people to get real results so that they can enjoy the transformation not only with their bodies but in lifestyle transformations as well.



Whatever your fitness goal, lifestyle, or experience may be, Gonek Fitness has the right program specialized for you!
     - 1-on-1

      - Partner (2+ people)

      - Sport Specific (Elite Athletes)

      - Injury Recovery

      - Competition prep

      - Foundation building

      - Confidence boosting and much more

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  • Plans start at: $70/session

Diet Planning

Cody is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist that allows him to tailor your diet for your bodies adaptations and goals. Not one diet is the same as each individuals needs vary. Let's find out what yours can be and move one step closer to your goals.

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  • Plans start at: $150/month



Gonek Fitness provides fully online tailored programs for your fitness goals and lifestyle. Make it simple and effective, while having proper guidance towards your end goal. Whether you're working out at home, apartment gym or big box gym, your plan will be tailored to exactly what's available to you. 

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  • Packages start at: $250/month

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Credentials & Affiliations


Certified Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine


Bachelor of Business Administration

Management Degree

DTS Fitness Education 

Conditioning Coach Certification


Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Pre Script

Lower and Upper Body Intensive

Trigger Point Therapist

Multi-Tool Mobility

Apparel Ambassador

Strength Academy Certificate

Canadian Centre for Strength and Conditioning

Sponsored Athlete

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