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Edmonton's Premier Fitness Facility

Why did I start The Vault? For me, it’s simple:


I wanted to create a gym for clients and trainers to feel more than just a place to work out. I want it to feel like that individual’s escape from work, life, or any other stressors. It will be the place they come to achieve goals - but while they’re doing that, they can forget what’s going on in their lives, let it all out, and leave refreshed, clear minded, and able to get back to the real world.

I’ve always thought that a gym is more than just a place to sweat. I’ve seen the health and fitness industry from multiple angles including different big box gyms, bodybuilding competitions, and personal body transformations. And most recently, I’ve witnessed the pandemic show how crucial physical exercise is when dealing with mental health. The gym is truly a place that helps people - through depression, life crises, relationship issues, work stress, etc. – the gym helps!

But I found something was lacking. A gym needed an atmosphere where like-minded individuals could be under the same roof while helping each other through stressors and calming minds as they worked towards health and fitness goals. A place where they could partner with a trainer of their choosing that they trust to guide them through this process, without the distractions from a clustered fitness centre. A gym where they can truly focus on that time together and leave knowing each visit to The Vault has progressed them forward through physical or mental betterment.

My plan doesn't just involve 1 location. With a team I believe in and plan to grow with and expand, I truly want nothing more than others to see this environment and grow alongside it. This growth can include your personal training business, your massage therapy practice, or your personal health goals! I promise I won’t stop pushing to better the facility and enhance it for the future!

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16313 111 Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB, T5M 2S2

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