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 I’ve known Cody Gonek for several years and I’ve been a client of his twice now, five years ago he was my personal trainer, and more recently I’ve been working with him through Gonek Fitness doing online training and virtual support.  Cody is hands-down the most caring, attentive, supportive, and encouraging trainer I’ve had the pleasure of working with – which is why I sought him out and re-hired him this past summer.

I’ve never made more progress than I have working with Cody.  He pushes you, challenges you, and is also patient and supportive.  His passion for what he does comes through in every interaction you have with him.  He makes himself available 24/7 for support, and always makes sure you’ve got all the information you need to crush your workouts.  We connect regularly through video and weekly check-ins to ensure I’m on track.  Being that I’m in a different location, the live-chat and gym-session video sharing works great to ensure moves/activities are done right.  All of this, plus the constant supportive-pushes are exactly why I love working with him. Gonek Fitness offers a unique private training environment as well which is ideal for our current times, and helps ensure that all his clients receive the one-on-one personal training support that he excels at. If you ‘re looking for a true partner to help you take your fitness to the next level, no matter where you’re at, Gonek Fitness is hands-down THE BEST CHOICE!

-Lisa Jandali-


Rosanna Fischer

Sandra Cassios

After having children and getting a business off the ground, my fitness and overall well-being took a huge backseat. At the young age of 32, I had major back problems with a depleted energy level and self-esteem to boot. I tried going back to a regular gym but my habits had fallen so far behind, that I could not ever truly commit. In June, I finally decided to add myself to the list of priorities by investing in Cody, fully expecting to only be there for 3 months. I thought, I'll just do this to get back in the habit and then I'll take it on my own. Well, the 3 months came and went, and the thought of leaving Cody's fitness guidance never once occurred to me. From the beginning, he was supportive and patient, understanding and most importantly, knowledgeable. His style of training is professional and challenging, but never forceful or intimidating. The studio has a great vibe and somehow is cozy  (yes that's a very strange term for a GYM!) but it is. It's comfortable and I legitimately look forward to my sessions, even though they are painfully early. Fast forward 6 months, and I have way more energy, I feel stronger and so excited that fitness has once again become part of my routine and part of who I am. I can thank Cody for all of that, and I'm proud to say to my girls, "mommy is going to the gym"  to set an example for what thriving, not just surviving, should look like. So fellow Mamas, if you're sick of not feeling good but too intimidated to see a trainer, don't be. Cody is your person - just trust me on that.

Cody Gonek is a first class trainer. My journey with Cody had a lengthy head start before I actually took the plunge. I’m very cautious of my commitments and won’t proceed until I’m 100% able to commit both mentally & physically. This coupled with a few “not so stellar” experiences with personal trainers left me feeling weary & uncomfortable making the decision to work out. 

Cody was aware of both of these factors in my decision making and was never aggressive or “pushy” with me. He was actually very understanding, courteous & never bothered by the number of questions I continually asked him prior to finalizing my decision.  He would check in with me periodically, ask how I was doing or if he could answer any other questions I had. I appreciated his process, passion & above all his patience. When I finally made the decision to proceed with Cody, I know he was far more excited for me than I was. I went in doubting my abilities but Cody didn’t doubt me at all. Right from the very beginning he has been an amazing coach; patient, understanding of my concerns & some limitations I have; i.e. hernia. He has tailored my routine to my needs & my work schedule. He accommodates any changes to my schedule that I may have. Would I recommend Cody? Without a doubt! He understands fitness, health and most importantly takes the time to listen to his clients & their needs.


Pav Dundur

I met Cody just under 2 years ago. In that short time, he helped my drastically change my life. While running through his programs, I've lost 50 pounds and feel amazing! Not only is he a genius when it comes to different types of training and diets, but he is so positively motivating that he makes it "easy" to go through those exhausting workouts. I've never met a trainer or fitness profession that compares to the way that Cody has supported me through my fitness journey. 

If you have ANY interest in some type of fitness or training, I would HIGHLY recommend Cody. He is an amazing trainer and I'm excited to see him day-in-day-out!

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